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acquired taste

31 Aug

I really enjoy a cup of coffee.  It’s so comforting.  The way the cup feels in my hands, so warm and calming.  Now my relationship with coffee didn’t start out that way.  I tried for years to like coffee.  My parents didn’t drink coffee so I would go over to my MamMaw Law’s house and get her to make me a cup.  I’m not what one would call a “morning person” and a friend of mine told me that coffee would be just the thing to help me along. I would fill that cup with so much cream and sugar that the coffee flavor didn’t even have a chance.  I slowly worked to drinking it black while trying every combination along the way. I finally figured out that I like it with just a little half and half and I’m good to go.

Blogging has been a similar experience for me.  It took me a while to warm up to this whole web journaling on the internets.  I have tried several times to get one of these things going and now I am ready to take it public.  This is my first, real live, “official” blog.  It’ll be full of thoughts, announcements, inspirations, updates, etc.  So pull up a chair and enjoy this cup of Jess.  Cheers!