Welcome Baby Foard!

19 Sep

Each inmost piece in me is thine
Mary Herbert, Countess of Pembroke

Each inmost piece in me is thine:
While yet I in my mother dwelt
All that me clad
From thee I had.
Thou in my frame hast strangely dealt:
Needs in my praise thy works must shine
So inly them my thoughts have felt.

Thou, how my back was beam-wise laid,
And raftering of my ribs, dost know:
Know’st every point
Of bone and joint,
How to this whole these parts did grow,
In brave embroid’ry fair arrayed,
Though wrought in shop both dark and low.

Nay fashionless, ere form I took,
Thy all and more beholding eye
My shapeless shape
Could not escape:
All these time framed successively
Ere one had being, in the book
Of thy foresight enrolled did lie.

My God, how I these studies prize,
That do thy hidden workings show!
Whose sum is such,
No sum so much:
Nay summ’d as sand they sumless grow.
I lie to sleep, from sleep I rise,
Yet still in thought with thee I go.

I read this from a friend that posted it a couple weeks ago and thought it very appropriate as Baby Foard has joined us in the world.  Congrats to the Hunts, now a precious family of four!  Can not wait to live life with you in Prague.

One Response to “Welcome Baby Foard!”

  1. Face October 15, 2009 at 3:20 am #

    Wow– thank you thank you thank you– what a precious welcome. Can’t wait for you to meet him!

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