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One of the many reasons I want to move to Prague…

26 Mar

This is one of the many reasons that I want to move to Prague.  My future team member Joanna wrote a post about their adventures on Friday nights and I can’t wait to join them.  Please join me in praying for support.  Remember- you can’t miss me unless I go away!!


Reasons To Sing Bon Jovi Songs…

1 Mar

There normally aren’t any reasons for me to EVER sing Bon Jovi songs, but I have an announcement- I’m at 50%!!!!  So now you can just picture me in my room when I figured out the math and then singing “I’m half way theh-air!  Woah – oh! Livin’ on a pray-air!!” and playing air guitar.  Many of you who know me will then also know that afterwards I listened to B.O.B by Outkast and did my chicken leg dance.  Booyah!  Thank you Lord!

Things’ll Be Great When You’re Downtown

1 Mar

So on Saturday night, I had the great pleasure of being a spectator at a very exciting basketball game.  The Downtown Falcons were playing at First United Methodist Church and it was so fun.  I really wish I hadn’t waited until their last game to make it out to one. Even though the game did not end in victory and the refs kept themselves very busy (I mean if I had a dollar for every time there was a traveling call, I would be in Prague right now),  we could not help but cheer our hearts out for those boys.