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Can you believe these are paintings?!?!

18 Sep

I really like Carly Waito’s mineral paintings – they look SO real.  These are from a current collaborative show at Narwhal in Toronto called The Cabinet of Wonder.

{first saw these on Unruly Things}


When I get homesick, there will be bluegrass (hopefully)…

7 Sep

When it comes to concerts in the Czech Republic, the first genres that come to mind are classical, rock and metal. Indeed, a large proportion of the live music around Prague is made up of these kinds of music.

Of course, being the cultural capital of considerable repute around Europe that Prague is, it’s no surprise that you can find a lot of other genres and sub-genres in hidden corners around the Golden City.

The Bluegrass jam at the U Supa [“the vulture”] Country Saloon (Na Čečeličce 402/12; map) definitely falls into the latter category. Swing in through the double doors of this oddly authentic looking Western saloon every second Tuesday of the month, and you’ll find a whole bunch of Czech musicians playing bluegrass standards in the round.

The music that these amateur musicians play is nothing if not genuine, and if you close your eyes (and you may want to, given the amount of cigarette smoke), you can forget you are even in Prague. They also sing in English, with plenty of tunes from the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack that almost single-handedly catapulted the genre back into the spotlight in the 2000s.

Regrettably, the Velvet Violin has heard that the bluegrass jam is becoming temporarily homeless this month because the undoubtedly ramshackle saloon is set to close. As organizer Petr Hrubý put it on the jam’s Facebook page, “I proclaim the competition to find a new place for our Prague jam open.”

We can only hope that these finger plucking, hay-chewing Czechs can secure a similarly appropriate venue for their enjoyable jam sessions in the not-too-distant future.

– by Bill Lehane