about me

Jessica was born and raised in Georgia. She attended the University of Georgia and earned her degree in Child & Family Development. Upon graduation, Jessica worked as a worship intern at UGA’s Wesley Foundation for two years. There she enjoyed leading worship and was given the opportunity to do short term missions in New York, Costa Rica, and South Africa. After working with the Wesley Foundation, for the last five years, Jessica has worked with UGA as the project coordinator for grants that assist people with disabilities. During this time God began to shape, establish, and confirm His calling on her life for missions.

After a providential meeting with some old friends at a gas station, Jessica was invited to go on a short-term mission trip to Prague, Czech Republic. During her week in Prague, she felt God’s call to unite her love of music with her passion for missions. Upon her return home, Jessica began seeking the Lord about joining the team in Prague as a full-time missionary.

That desire has now been confirmed and she hopes to use her gifts to build up the church and become part of the community there.  Jessica hopes to join the team in Prague in the fall of 2010.


One Response to “about me”

  1. Rebecca September 22, 2009 at 3:51 pm #

    Jess! I love coffee, too! Way too much. We have a wonderful Farmer’s Market here in Lancaster. The oldest continuously running FM in the United States, actually. Wish you could come up for a visit and have a cup of our FAVORITE coffee, Square One Coffee. I hope we get to hang out someday! xx

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